Is App fatigue a thing?

The answer is yes!

What is App Fatigue?

App fatigue is a term used to represent a situation where a user doesn’t want to download any new app. The constant notification buzz from numbers of apps that hinders your smartphone performances, gulp huge amount of data and phone battery are responsible for App fatigue.

The customer demands value in return of a particular app install. And if they don’t find it fruitful, the app will be deleted in no time. The reason behind that is the users are in hunt of something new and also value addition. They reject apps with same old look-and-feel. Also, they avoid using apps whose access can be done on a website.

Data privacy is another important thing that customers come across. It is one of the most critical concerns regarding App access. It is observed that the mobile apps are caught accessing personal information from the phones in the background. This happens because of the permissions and access the user allows to have on his/her smartphone; contact syncing, location access, message reading, etc.

The users are inclined more towards apps that provide them with settings and access over data limit control and privacy control. Looking at the overwhelming no. of apps present and being available to users to download; no wonder the organizations involved in mobile application development are suffering from app fatigue.

‘Storage is almost full’ – another familiar and annoying notification. Phone space concern is also an important thing to consider. The user ends up struggling between what-to-delete and what-not-to-delete apps. And with that, the idea of installing any more apps gets dropped sooner or later.

How to fight App-fatigue?

We at Sjain Ventures make sure that the app is more than just something that we discern what actually the user wants. We value more on customer outright experience with the app. We analyze the development process before moving on to determine which channel the app needs to be offered in. With this, we translate the end-to-end communication which will lead into overall usage of the app and better customer experience.

Since we are headway in app development area, we believe that the only way to handle user’s app fatigue is to keep innovating and spark up their experience with us instead of providing them with a large number of apps. Quality is the thing that should not be compromised at any cost when it comes to customer experience with us.