Sjain Ventures wish to create an exceptional presence in the GITEX Global 2022

Get ready for the technology powerplay at GITEX Global 2022, Dubai, taking place from October 10-14. Sjain Ventures’ skilled team is developing innovative and value-added IT solutions for industries across.  

The Sjain Ventures Company once again has set the ball rolling to chase innovation and exhibit its comprehensive technology products and custom IT solutions at GITEX Global 2022, the most important tech exhibition in the Middle East Region.

This year, Sjain’s tech professionals will present a whole new array of tech products, mobile apps, and web development solutions, mainly the healthcare, e-commerce, on-demand, learning management, hospital Management Systems, Fin-Tech, Real Estate, ERP, CRM, and others.

If you attend the event, we will be more than happy to meet you in person and discuss how our digital transformation solutions can enhance your business inside out.

If you plan to attend the event, we would be delighted to see you there and discuss how our solutions for digital transformation can improve your company from the ground up.

About GITEX Global 2022

The most prestigious exhibition in the technology industry is GITEX, which stands for the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. It’s an annual event that occurs every year at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. A huge celebration of technology where experts and geeks from around the globe gather to celebrate the latest developments and innovations throughout the exhibition. 

For consecutive years GITEX has brought together the industry leaders, inventors, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and other audiences from the specialty on a yearly basis to participate in substantial knowledge sharing and exhibit innovative products.  As tech enthusiasts from any background can display their innovations by putting up booths, the event is unrelated to any particular field.  

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In 1981, the annual event was introduced for the first time under the name GITE. Although the event was already witnessing a growing prevalence, the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7 in 2009 further increased attendance. The launch ceremony featured more than 150,019 attendees. Since that time, GITEX became a world class technology exhibition that exposes viewers to cutting-edge developments. Altogether, the event features a variety of must-attend industry related conversations, debates, demonstrations, and trade of the most recent products.

GITEX Global 2022 will host more than 4000 exhibitors, 800+ startups, 1000+ keynote speakers, and 200+ government entities from 170 countries.

Sjain Ventures Is Excited to create a massive stir once again

Returning to GITEX Global 2022, Sjain Ventures has delivered encouraging news to a number of start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. The fact that we have assisted them in rising to the top of their field is evident from the testimonials we receive from clients.

We work really hard to develop tech solutions that assist organisations in navigating the most pressing issues and complexities.

“Mr. Shreyansh Jain”, director of marketing, offers his experiences and expectations:

GITEX has always served as a forum for discussing and foreseeing new technological advances in addition to being a venue for presenting the latest products and services. For interesting talks on telematics trends, opportunities, and challenges as well as an introduction to our recent activities since the last GITEX show, we are looking forward to meeting with our current and new partners.

Sjain Ventures– Your Technology Partner for GITEX Global 2022

We at Sjain Ventures want to give you the best technical support by utilizing our many years of GITEX knowledge. Sjain Ventures has headquarters on 4 national and international bases, which cover Raipur, Pune, Germany, and Dubai with 13+ years of event-tech industry expertise and a dedicated team of 150+ members. The team at Sjain Ventures has created various interactive AR/VR functions to enhance the execution of your event in addition to having extensive knowledge in the field of technological advancements and innovations. The platform offers a complete event-tech service, from full on-site assistance to enhance your engagement with interactive digital aspects.

Benefits of Participating in the GITEX Global 2022

  • Incredible Networking Opportunities
  • Maximized Global Reach
  • Extensive Knowledge Exchange & Deep Learning Session
  • Showcase to Global Investors & Buyers
  • Direct Interaction with the Target Market
  • Business Empowerment
  • Access to Global Tech Organizations & Startups
  • Greater ROI
  • Better Lead Generation Possibilities


It is without a doubt advantageous for several start-ups, organisations, businesses, and inventors to exhibit their most cutting edge innovative tech items by taking part in the greatest tech exhibition in the world.  The ability to expose their products to the entire industry’s professionals at their booths is one of the primary reasons that exhibitors, speakers, and all other industry participants look forward to GITEX

All the tech maestros and audience members attending the event increase the likelihood of lead creation, which increases ROI. However, you can work with a leading on-ground activation or in-person event service provider to make sure your involvement in the event is really productive.

Companies looking for game-changing IT solutions are welcome to stop by HaLL no. 06 and Booth No. H6-4 to speak with the Sjain team about partnership opportunities or potential integrations. Simply get in touch with our team to arrange a meeting in advance. See you at GITEX Global 2022!