Sjain Ventures is set to launch Finleg, a service that will assist businesses with financial and legal challenges

Finleg, one of Sjain Ventures’ wings, is set to launch in 2022 with its offices in Raipur and Pune to serve as the company’s first locations. Finleg offers income tax return (ITR) e-filing and GST compliance services. The company’s GST compliance billing and GST returns offline services are currently used by over 150 major businesses in Chhattisgarh. Additionally, it has been serving offline for a year and now decided to officially launch its online portal, where its customers can avail all of the services online to make the process seamless. The company is on a quest to transform India into a global powerhouse for entrepreneurship. The online legal and financial services platform has helped small firms and startups with legality and documentation, trademark registrations, and compliance difficulties since its offline debut. 

It is a one-stop solution for all legal services & financial for businesses. Company registration, trademark registration, legal documentation, all at a single window and at a cost-effective price. The company offers professional solutions to businesses, individuals, and organizations. With the steadily growing services starting from Business Registration, Compliances, Tax filings, Documentation, and Funding to many more, it will provide a completely digitized platform and make work paper-free. The company utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver the highest quality of financial, accounting, and legal services through us. The unique selling proposition of the company is that all services are offered 100% online and with a quick turnaround time. Furthermore, all consultation fees for all services are waived. 

Divya Jain, Founder, said, “Under one roof, the company assists entrepreneurs and growing businesses with everything they need to start (company registration), protect (IPR services), manage (legal & ROC filings), and grow (ISO, finance legal support). Finleg has started its journey with the straightforward thought that ‘starting and managing the business has ought to be simple’. To achieve our central goal we are building the biggest business bringing finance & legal automation in the world, with a scope of business operations from Business Registration to Compliance Management and from Taxation to IPR, we take care of these fundamentals.” 

Client Acquisition 

Finleg with an office in Raipur & Pune will handle a large chunk of business owners who are open to getting professional support online. Face-to-face interactions with lawyers, chartered accountants, and company secretaries are still relied upon by the majority of new enterprises. But the Finleg team believes that the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and transparency of their services make it only a matter of time before this mindset changes. 

Divya Jain, further added, “After the launch, the company’s strategy was obviously like any other startup to acquire more customers through developing its websites and creating a strong presence on all Social Media forums. 

Since Finleg is launching its operations online, the company anticipates receiving 200-300 visits every day. The firm, on the other hand, aims to attract more than 10 new clients every day, and this figure will continue to climb as the year progresses. We hope to assist the registration of nearly to 1000 new firms by 2025.” 

The firm’s primary growth hack has always been focused on rendering good customer service. Additionally, it aims to garner most of its clients through its gateway services. Customers who come in for Company Registration often also come in for other mandatory registrations such as Compliance, business licenses, tax registrations, and so on. 

Vision and achievements 

Finleg’s mission is to alleviate the stress of dealing with a painfully complex legal and tax system. The firm expects to succeed after introducing an online portal because it has previously been able to retain a significant number of consumers through offline services, allowing them to achieve 100% year-over-year growth. 

As it progresses, the company intends to achieve every milestone it has set for itself. 


Finleg provides services with reliable professionals who guide customers and provide high-tech advisors. The organisation makes it easier for the client to track the process and keep them updated by digitising the work. The team believes the unique nature of Indian clients is that they are very particular about quality while being fastidious about the cost factor too, however, once consumers obtain timely and efficient services at a reasonable price, they tend to be highly loyal. That is the path the company intends to take in order to achieve its goals, and they believe the sky is the limit. 

It has established itself as a trusted, well-reviewed, and well-regarded company offering all of these services and much more and look forward to the future goals and aim to enhance the services through Automated GST filing / ITR / ESIC / EPF, Aggregators for CA/CS/Lawyers, Judgements/Order/Relevant cases, Blockchain Credit rating / NGO / CSR / NBFCs, Natural Language Generation, Deep Learning & OCR, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based processes, for better evaluation and outcome.