Sjain Ventures showcasing its innovations at the GITEX Technology Week

Sjain Ventures recently represented Chhattisgarh at international exhibitions such as CeBIT and GITEX with a wide range of innovative technological and digital services that they offer.

GITEX Technology Week is a 5-day trade show and conference that takes place every year at Dubai World Trade Centre and is regarded as the greatest technology and innovation event in the Middle East. It allows the general public and people in the IT industry to see some of the world’s most cutting-edge products and get a sense of the latest trends.

The event brings together influential stakeholders from the technology and business sectors to develop growth plans and establishes ambitious goals for the next decade.

Sjain Ventures have been a regular participant since 2018. With the consecutive appearance in the grand event, Sjain Ventures was privileged to come across as a prospering company in this elite club of GITEX and were able to lure a huge no. of visitors/prospective clients from the field of tech enthusiasts. This event gave the opportunity to expand the vision and peek into the window of possibilities.

The 2021 event has been remarkable and overwhelming for Sjain Ventures since it was the 41st Anniversary edition of GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, where the company introduced the technologies they have mastered like AI/ML, Saas, Blockchain, IoT/Automation, and Mobility.

Shreyansh Jain, Director, said, “The company is now able to outreach through our work from day one. With people from across 37 different nations, the art of thinking independently together came true. We are glad to be one of the main drivers of the event in the midst of 1000+ companies presenting our expertise to people from different continents who were there to attend this futuristic technology event & promote their business in the various fields of technological advancements.”

Sjain Ventures embraces all types of advancements in its business processes. With the constant increase in the need for Automation, Blockchain services, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Digital marketing or Infrastructure management, the company optimizes tailor-made business processes for its clients.

The company is always known for being a step ahead of the trend and has already worked on two major international projects based on AI technology — Vehicle Inspection and Game scoring recognition. The Game scoring recognition will focus on identifying a person’s individual movement or action based on sensor data, whereas in Vehicle Inspection, as the vehicle moves from point to point along the Automotive Lifecycle, Sjain Ventures’ deep learning AI platform analyses high-quality, multi-angle images to identify any issues and create objective documentation of the vehicle.

Sjain Ventures, a pioneer in the technical domain, is making waves by bringing cutting-edge technology to enterprises by helping businesses uncover their true potential for the future. The company began its journey in 2009 by supporting the IT industry in Chhattisgarh and has since expanded to service the global digital market. Since 2009, the dedicated team of brilliant minds has assisted several clients in achieving greatness in their businesses by using the latest technologies, innovations, and business strategies.

Further, Sjain Ventures chose to dabble in all aspects and has played a major role in developing companies such as BRANDBOYZ, DMS INFOSYSTEM, FINLEG, and PREMISIN, which provide clients with digital and legal solutions while also assisting them in growing their businesses. Premisin was founded on the concept of a collaborative workspace for several firms under one roof.

Due to the convenience it provides to businesses, Premisin has been in high demand since its inception. That is why Premisin presently has seven centres with a total area of 50000 sq. ft. and will shortly open four more sites in Raipur with a total area of 1,45,000 sq ft.

Shreyansh Jain, adds, “After one and a half years of the pandemic, I have a more mature view of the industry and the current situation. The last 18 months have shown us the power of firmness and togetherness. The company has always been vocal about the set of values and the amount of care for the employees. As a result of this, the team survived the most crucial time and stood together without any employee being laid off.”

Although there is still a long way to go to determine how technology will impact future industries, Sjain Ventures feels pretty confident in predicting that it will have an important role to play in helping companies of the future and moving forward will plunge deeper into the technology space. Sjain Ventures believe that the future of technology is going to be more advanced, personalised and companies have to keep the pace high. Technology will be the main protagonist and will it wipe out the problems businesses are facing these days.