SJAIN,a patron to investment

When the challenge is to establish a business, to advertise or to maintain it, Sjain believes in considering every obstacle by holding it head-on and offering solutions for customers to aid their business. The company that carries almost a decade long expertise in digital and innovation and serves a single-window solution for diversified industries.

For solving the biggest challenge, it requires participation and implementation of innovative solutions and that’s how Sjain invested & collaborated with Finleg.

Finleg brings the motive of starting and managing a business in India that ought to be simple. To achieve this central goal, Finleg is the biggest business administration stage in the world,from Business Registration to Compliance Management and from Taxation to IPR, everything is been taken care of at a single platform.


Sjain has invested in Finleg platform, as the FinTech ecosystem is evolving dramatically every day, and Sjain believe that this platform will play a key role in its growth and development of the business.

As we know the modern economy is built on technology, so it’s natural to assume that the future will be defined by automation. So investing in a company bring its own aspect and reasons, justifying few of them below to provide more visibility.

  • Market need: Current process is time-consuming, no transparency, and have to keep a regular check on the progress, less human intervention leads to no errors.
  • Reach Financial Goals: Investing can help in reaching big financial goals for the company.
  • Growth and development of the business and also to support entrepreneurs and contribute to the creations can build them into successful entities in business achievement and expansion.
  • Regulatory Compliance is increasing lately since management has become more prominent in a variety of organizations. The strategies help to provide guidance for an organization to make them attain the business goals.
  • Leading Ideas and Advice: Sharing expertise, advice, and suggestions as an investor supports the business to grow and gain profitable returns by providing a wealth of knowledge and experience.Focus on building the biggest business administration in the world from Business
  • Registration to Compliance Management and from Taxation to IPR, it takes care of all these necessities.
  • Worldwide transparency: It checks at what stage the file is been processed as well as the next stage.Less information means less certainty for investors. When financial statements are not transparent, investors can never be sure about a company’s real fundamentals and true risk.
  • Finleg Pushing itself with the government initiatives pertaining to alternate technologies.
  • Catering the market and bring visibility in this process.

Let’s hear from the founder The founder and promoter of Sjain, ShreyanshJain believes in delivering reliable and quality services to all customers. He leads the company with his profound vision and commendable people skills. His idea is to set new benchmarks in standards of corporate performance and governance through the pursuit of operational and financial excellence, responsible citizenship and profitable growth. Sjain as an investor seeks disclosure and simplicity making the organization more confident about its fundamentals and resources.We believe in giving you the wholesome to grow your business,Plain and Simple.