The Unstoppable Journey of Shreyansh Jain

Man who loves challenges is the man who is alive”, says Shreyansh Jain. Whether it was challenging to establish enterprises or challenging to execute them simultaneously, he played all of his roles very well. He emerged as one of the finest businessmen. Since 2009, with the establishment of Sjain Ventures Limited, he has been executing it successfully. For him, there were no bars, but always a possibility. His optimistic behavior towards life has made him reach the pinnacle of success today. 

Early Days

His childhood was well spent with his agriculturist grandparents in Kurud. He is the eldest son of his mother, professor Dr. Sunita Jain, and his father professor B.C Jain, who taught mechanical engineering at Gondia Engineering College, Maharashtra. Shreyansh Jain’s schooling was done in Balaghat. He went to Kota for the preparation of the exam, as every IIT aspirant does. He believes this is one of the best decisions of his life. The importance of discipline and the proper routine in one’s life is what he learned from his Kota days. He soon cracked the competitive exam and took admission at IIT-Mumbai to become a scientist

Everything Begins With a Dream

I just wanted to keep moving and creating new milestones in my journey,” says Shreyansh Jain. He was ambitious from his childhood days, that was the reason he took engineering as a career, but his destiny was somewhere else waiting for him. Within four months of college, he decided to quit engineering, but he wasn’t aware that this would be the turning point of his life.

Steps he Took

Dedicated work, tough decisions, and a spark to explore gradually contributed to the success of Shreyansh Jain. As he understands the value of education very well, he always supported quality education. So he took the responsibility to provide it to the students and decided to work for the education sector. With an idea to contribute to society with innovative, digital, and expertise in the business world by serving multiple work genres, he started Sjain Ventures Limited in 2009. 

Consistently Creating a Mark 

Sjain Ventures Limited is working entirely for its client’s satisfaction, thus creating history with the best services available in the tech world. With the experience of more than a decade, expertise in IT, Media and Consulting, Web developments, digital media solutions, legal solutions, business strategies, Sjain Ventures Limited helps its clients to raise their business. Sjain Ventures Limited has clients all over the world. Talking about the valuation of Sjain Ventures Limited, it’s around 18 million dollars (135 crore rupees). Having five national and international bases, and expanded its headquarters in Pune, Hanover, and Dubai. The global presence of Sjain Ventures is nothing but the hard work of Shreyansh Jain and his team. 

Long Way to Go

The way Shreyansh  Jain executed Sjain Ventures Limited was great. The company performed above expectations. But he was unwilling to stick with just one company, so he decided to touch every dimension of the business and started various companies like BRANDBOYZ, DMS Infosystem, FINLEY, Premisin, which provide digital solutions, legal solutions to clients and help to grow their business as well. Premisin is a collaborative workspace for the different businesses under one roof that gave birth to Premisin. Shreyansh Jain always focuses on the feasibility of the resources. Thus he planned to set up a comfortable and healthy workspace for the business enthusiasts so that they can focus on their work. All their necessities like electricity, security, maintenance, cleanliness, connectivity would be managed by Premisin. Since its launch, Premisin has been in great demand due to the ease it provides to enterprises. That’s why Premisin currently has 8 Centres with 60000 sq. ft of space and soon coming up with four more locations of Premisin in Raipur of about a total area of 1,45,000 sq. ft.

Overcame all the Hurdles

Shreyansh Jain’s journey has already begun, and like every business, obstacles and hurdles were evident on the path. It became quite challenging to manage all of his businesses simultaneously. But a good businessman always finds a solution. As a CEO, founder, and shareholder, he worked hard and went ahead, overcoming all the hurdles. He remains motivated all the time, cheers his team, and always has a great vision for his businesses. 

Self Belief is MustUnless you have patience, perseverance, and self-belief, you can’t achieve greatness in any business, no matter what it is”, says Shreyansh Jain. He further adds that “Business should be your passion if you wanna excel in it”. Indeed, these are the reasons for the passionate businessman Shreyansh Jain’s grand success.