WordPress Schema Markup and its role in SEO.

In this fast pace 21st century where everything is going online, we have come across digital marketing. Digital marketing is now the most dominated techniques of marketing opted by companies and we find many companies from MNC’s to startups going digital for its marketing and promotional activities rather than traditional marketing.

This modern age is now recognized as the digital age where everything is online including marketing and promotional activities. Every company tries to gain a competitive edge not only in the markets but also online in the digital world. This is done by means of creating a website. A website can be searched on Search engines like google, yahoo and the optimized results are shown by the relevancy and popularity of the website. This earned popularity is much affected by the clarity of a web page, and how well the company defines what it exactly means and conveys on its website. The search engines show primary search results which basically includes those results which the search engines considered most relevant to the users and eventually displays these results in descending order of their rankings.

One can boost their website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) with the help of Schema Markup which is the new form of Optimization of SEO. Schema Markup can be referred to as a code or a semantic vocabulary which you can put on your website to give more informative results to the users on the search engines. It is a way of providing information to the search engines regarding their websites. Some common type of markups is People, Products, Events, Businesses and Organizations, Videos etc. Schema Markup tells the search engines not only what it says but also what it means by that. Html tags are used in website creation by most of the website creators, so let’s consider these HTML tags; Haunting Hour will display the word Haunting Hour as the heading in the website but does not define that it is the famous series streaming online. But when we use markup for it we define that it is not just an adjective for an hour but it refers to a famous series streaming online. So Schema markup tells the search engine that Haunting hour is a famous series and not just a couple of random words. After that, the search engine shows better results to the users with regard to the word ‘Haunting Hour’ and not just any random data to the users who search for it. Schema Markup is user-oriented, it is for the user to define the results in a better way so that the user gets proper details of a website such as what it is all about, what it does, the cost, the benefits associated with the service offered by the company etc.

Schema markup eventually helps your website to rank better. The markup can be for different content types like movie reviews, hotel reviews and experiences, events, institutes, products and services etc.

It is pretty obvious that the companies that use schema markup will gain a competitive edge and rank better than those who don’t use schema markup. So one can easily have a leg up on their competitors if they use schema markup. It is a website’s owner’s main aim that search engines properly index his content. If your website is created with WordPress then you are at a good start since WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool which one can download for free. It comes with the freedom to use, build and modify. WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. By clubbing WordPress and Schema Markup which offers to define your content since many words and phrases have multiple meanings one can provide search engines with a higher level of context.

So anyone can gain a competitive edge and index their content on SEOs and reach their goals efficiently and effectively.

Using Schema code is not as difficult as it seems, one can easily generate schema code using free online tools available on the internet. For WordPress, firstly you need to Install a schema markup plugin. Many developers have plugins which will help you to add schema to your WordPress website. Once the plugin is installed, configure and add schema to the WordPress after which create or edit a post and configure rich snippets which will enable the schema which will boost the ranking of your website on search engines.

You can also hire experienced freelancers or a company to add schema code to all your pre-existing content as they have been in this field and have experience which would help your website attain much better results in the search engines.

Thus on a concluding note, schema markup is very important for SEO of your website and it will definitely provide a good return on investment which you have done to get it enabled.