How consistent cloud computing is good for your company?

what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing has been introduced to humankind for quite 20 years now and no matter the info pointing within the direction of business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages it holds, a large part of the business section is still operating without it. Cloud practices encourage companies to help their operational viability and susceptibility.  Cloud practices are now considered to be proliferating and are being accepted by most of the business community. Here are some of the basic advantages of cloud computing:

  1. Cost Savings: Once you shift to the cloud, you’ll be saving up a lot of time and money with easy access to your companies’ data t and project startups. Most cloud services only charge for features that you want or need and so you needn’t worry about the higher cost. This suggests that you don’t need to worry about unnecessary spending of money for extra features.
  2. Security: Everyone has their concerns about the security of their data, security threats, and sometimes data loss but an interesting fact is that the data which is saved in the cloud is way safer because it is encrypted and quite far away from the cybercriminals.
  3. Mobility: Cloud makes it all easy if you have to continuously travel and need instant access to your data. It also solves the problems for your employees if they are freelancers or have to go to a client meeting. It helps you maintain a better work-life balance.
  4. Increased Collaboration: Cloud computing helps collaboration to be a simple and easy process.
  5. Quality Control: With everyone having the access to the same information, the consistency in data is maintained, human error is avoided, and a clear record of revisions or updates is maintained.

What are some of the services that we provide under the cloud?

Web development:

Websites play a huge role in telling your story and attracting a huge customer base and clientele for you. Maintaining a website up-to-date and making it look its best to please a client is what any company aims at. Sjain ventures solve your problems by building you a website which is:

  • User friendly
  • Interactive interface
  • Strong content
  • Upgradeable

Application development:

Having a mobile application nowadays is turning out to be a huge success for many businesses. Having an app that is easily accessible, helps not only the user but the company as well to provide the customer what its needs and wants. This application which is cloud-based means where the local components and the cloud system are working in harmony and uses the remote server for processing logic. Some of the benefits of cloud applications are:

  • No risk of data loss
  • Gaining enterprise mobility
  • Getting more productive
  • Access to automatic updates

Content management system:

 At Sjain we help the upcoming changes in advanced technologies in going hand in hand. One of which is a content management system. CMS helps you to manage the creation and modification of digital content which are embedded images, graphics, audio maps, or anything that conveys something and helps in interacting with the customer. CMS helps in:

  • SEO optimization
  • Online and integrated documentation
  • Template support for changing design
  • Unified experience to the user

Cloud managed services:

At Sjain we provide you with cloud managed services with quality support on different cloud architecture like private, public, and hybrid. So, let Sjain handle all your cloud-related issues so that you can concentrate on the core business functions. Our cloud-managed services include:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Network architecture
  • Automated business process